Applelinks: "Boinx gets it."

by Oliver -

Kirk Hiner reviews FotoMagico 2 for

Without reading one instruction, I opened a new project, selected my output destination, and was dragging photos from iPhoto into the FotoMagico timeline. Within five minutes, I was controlling effects and adding titles. In less than half an hour, I'd put together a three minute slideshow set to music I had stored in iTunes. It really is that simple, and yet the end result looks as if I'd spent hours on it.

The statement we like best is this:

Whether you're creating a slideshow of the kids or of a vacation for family and friends, or you're presenting photos for a business presentation or conference, FotoMagico presents you with almost all the tools you'll need while not making it feel like work.

We strive to make our apps not feel like work while at the same time enabling you to accomplish professional results. Seems as if Kirk agrees that we met that goal.

In the end, FotoMagico is awarded a 4/5 rating and Kirk concludes:

If you're working with photos on any level, whether you should be working with FotoMagico 2 shouldn't even be a question.