iStopMotion 2.0 B7 private beta

by Achim -

Release Notes:

Version 2.0 b7 (private beta) May 30th, 2007

Note: If you are still using beta 4, updating via the button "Install Update" below will not work! Sorry for the inconvenience. Please download the new beta by clicking this link instead: Download iStopMotion 2.0b7 Beta 5 or 6 users should be able to use the button below.

Amongst others, the following changes have been made since beta 6:

  • Added Autosave option to preferences (off by default). Combined with the new file based approach this should make your work pretty save.
  • Enhancements and fixes to Drag&Drop. You can now drag and drop frames between documents.
  • The width of the sidebar can now be adjusted by dragging the divider line.
  • Speed optimizations and fixes to the timeline.
  • Nice drag image in the timeline.
  • Selection in timeline now uses the user selection color (as set in System Preferences).
  • Improved integration with Final Cut Pro.
  • As usual, fixed quite a few crashing and other major bugs, as well as dozens of small fixes and improvements.