iStopMotion 2.0 B6 private beta

by Achim -

Release Notes:

Version 2.0 b6 (private beta) May 22nd, 2007

Note: If you are still using beta 4, updating via the button "Install Update" below will not work! Sorry for the inconvenience. Please download the new beta by clicking this link instead: Download iStopMotion 2.0b6 Beta 5 users should be able to use the button below.

Amongst others, the following changes have been made since beta 5:

  • Initial implementation of Final Cut Pro integration. Please report your findings.
  • When holding the option key and pressing the window zoom widget, the window will zoom to full screen. Otherwise it will resize to optimum size (as defined in Apple HIG).
  • Visual changes to the timeline. Report whether you like them.
  • Nicer thumbnail fadeout around the mouse position in tracks with audio.
  • The scroller in the timeline will now follow the currently selected frame.
  • Some initial performance enhancements to the timeline, more to come.
  • Improvements to the Time HUD (icon in the lower left of the window).
  • Live camera preview and recorded frames should no longer differ in lightness.
  • Timeline thumbnails will now be drawn with correct pixel aspect ratio.
  • Save As did not work correctly in previous betas.
  • Fixed a few crashing and other memory related issues.
  • Opening a project with multiple tracks should no longer play back some sound on open.
  • Opening movies made with previous versions should now always work.
  • Other behind-the-scene improvements and fixes.