iStopMotion 2.0 B5 private beta

by Achim -

Release Notes:

Version 2.0 b5 (private beta) May 14th, 2007

Attention: Updating via the button "Install Update" below will not work in this version! Sorry for the inconvenience. Please download the new beta by clicking this link: Download iStopMotion 2.0b5

Amongst others, the following changes have been made since beta 4:

  • The record button will stay red until capturing is finished. Especially important with continuous recording.
  • Live recording can be stopped when pressing the record button again.
  • Added the native pixel resolution of the device to the settings window.
  • Added warning if the native resolution of the device and the movie do not match. You can suppress this warning.
  • Added HD 1080 preset and matching exporter.
  • Corrected some presets and exporter settings.
  • Menus have partly been re-organized and fixed.
  • Better automatic window positioning and zooming.
  • Better support for transparent areas in images and movies. See the images in the Foreground area for example.
  • Lots of fixes to the timeline. Speed optimizations, bugfixes, ...
  • Some typos have been fixed. Thanks for pointing them out!
  • Shortened minimum timelapse interval for still camera.
  • Improved some of the under-the-hood-quicktime-magic.
  • Copy/Paste was broken in b4.
  • The live preview is switched off when dragging frames in the timeline.
  • Drag & Drop onto the timeline retains aspect ratio.
  • The menu button on the Apple Remote now triggers the capture button, capturing a single frame or starting live recording, depending on the current mode.
  • Removed a number of problems related to opening movies, especially of movies created with older versions.
  • Fixed quite a few crashing and other major bugs.
  • Added a slider to the Advanced preferences allowing to fine tune preview rendering. Please report you best settings.