Bananafishbones: When You Pass By

by Florian -

Here's the latest album of my favourite local band, the Bananafishbones. They are from the beautiful city of Bad Tölz, which is about an hour away from Oberhaching, where I live.

For me these guys play the perfect blend of Pop, Rock, Indie, Country and more with lots of fun added. Sometimes really weird lyrics add the final touch. The new album takes a couple of runs to really enjoy and IMHO the previews on iTunes don't do justice to the songs. If you rather care for Rock listen to "Hypocrite" and "Godspeed" is a fine Pop song while "Into the Sea" gives you a glimpse of the fun. I'm looking forward to hearing that song live.

Get the album while it's hot, the CD won't be out before March, 9th of 2007, even though iTunes lists it as 2006. And, luckily it's available at least on iTunes DE and US.