FotoMagico 2.2b7

by Achim -

FotoMagico 2.2 goes into public beta. Exporting is now much easier because the assistant has a lot of built-in knowledge about the target formats. Under Leopard, you can use the iChat theatre to discuss your photo show with a customer or friend.

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Release Notes:

Version 2.2b7 Express and Pro - December, 18th 2007

  • Version 2.2 introduces the Share Assistant which replaces the old export user interface. Access it via the "Share..." menu item in the "FotoMagico" menu. The old "Export..." menu command is still accessible by pressing the alt/option key.
  • Added iChat Theater integration.
  • Added QuickLook plugin.
  • The web plugin of the Share Assistant comes with a couple of web page themes pre-installed. In the final release a user with web design knowledge will be able to create and install custom web themes.
  • Web themes can be installed by double-clicking them in the Finder.
  • Web sharing plugin now supports automatic upload to .Mac webpages.
  • Debug logging preferences now expire after a few days and are reset to avoid negative impact on performance.
  • Share Assistant now uses Core Animation on Leopard.
  • All sharing plugins now use the new 2-pass export, which produces higher quality movies, at the expense of higher disk space usage.
  • Apple remote control now works again on Leopard.
  • Spotlight plugin should now work again.
  • Sometimes title of slideshows saved on Tiger and opened on Leopard would be shifted to the right and cut off. This bug is (hopefully) fixed in this version.
  • Black stage during window resize should no longer happen.
  • Audio timing is now more precise for exported QuickTime movies. A cumulative rounding error has been eliminated.
  • Estimated remaining time now better for all phases of exporting.
  • Feedback assistant no longer prompts users to submit ancient crash reports.
  • Various small fixes.
  • This beta version is not yet fully localized into German and French.