Gregg Gibbs: "The Treasures of Long Gone John"

by Oliver -


Boinx Software is mentioned in the credits of a real movie! Wow! The film is titled "The Treasures of Long Gone John" by Gregg Gibbs and had its world premiere at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas and will be shown at festivals around the world.

Gregg Gibbs writes: "For 10 months I used the software to record the execution of a large painting by the artist Todd Schorr. This footage is woven throughout the film and serves to tie together the story of an eccentric collector. The film is a celebration of creativity through art and music. I just wanted you to know that iStopMotion is excellent and the footage is mesmerizing." Totally!

The website for the film is made completely in Flash, so you'll have to go to the website an click on "View the Trailer" to see a couple of shots from the movie.