MacUser: 5 Mice for FotoMagico and Mouseposé

by Oliver -

latest_mag_macuser.jpgThe October 06 issue of MacUser UK includes reviews by Steve Caplin for both FotoMagico 1.7 and Mousposé 2.5: On Mouseposé he writes:"The interface is clear and easy to follow, but made even easier for new users by the addition of a 'talkthrough' button, which audibly talks you through all the features. Mousepose does exactly what's needed for the job in hand. It won't make you work faster, but it will definitely make your demonstrations a whole lot slicker." The rating is 5 of 5 mice for Mouseposé. FotoMagico 1.7 is rated 5 of 5 mice, too: "Although there are other slide show programs, none rival FotoMagico for its ease of use, flexibility and the superb professionalism of its output. A joy to use." Online access requires a premium account: FotoMagico and Mouseposé.