FotoMagico 2.0b4

by Oliver -

A lot of feedback from beta users and from people we met at last week's Macworld has already been incorporated into the new FotoMagico 2.0b4. Read details here. Download and more information here.

Release Notes:

Version 2.0 b4 (Public beta) January 18th, 2007

This is a strongly recommended update for all 2.0 beta users.

  • Added new option for automatic sizing and placement when adding images to the storyboard. You can now make sure that portrait images are initially completely visible in the stage. Another new option is to apply a random Pan & Zoom when adding new images.
  • Added buttons to close sheet and open an existing slideshow to New Slideshow Assistant sheet.
  • Added indicator for Pan & Zoom to storyboard.
  • Re-organized Preferences panels for better grouping.
  • When adding images the orientation meta data (EXIF) is now honored and the image will be rotated accordingly.
  • Added the ability to choose screen when starting standalone player on multi monitor systems.
  • The time display in the status line has been improved for better readability.
  • Removed the Cancel and OK icon buttons from the title editor as they seemed to be rather confusing.
  • Quitting FotoMagico would not work for some users.
  • Lots of Screen Saver improvements. Better stability and performance. Users can now have multiple FotoMagico Screen Savers installed. Settings sheet now displays slideshow settings meta data. Screen Saver can be stopped by pressing ESC key. More...
  • No more flicker on ending a slideshow.
  • When stopping a slideshow audio will now fade out correctly.
  • Sorting the audio list by time works again.
  • Selecting a screen for playback should now be remembered (for FotoMagico and Player).
  • The title opacity would not play back correctly on Preview Motion.
  • Dragging audio into the storyboard would not work under some circumstances.
  • Lots of other small and not so small issues in UI and engine fixed. Should solve a few hanging and crashing issues.
  • Export fixes.