iStopMotion 1.9: Flipbooks are back

by Oliver -

Do you remember flipbooks? We used to make them at school. A sort of inexpensive way to do animation. Flipbooks are back with iStopMotion 1.9. And running it on the new Intel iMac and MacBook Pro feels like Christmas in January.


Kids will love this new feature, at school or at home. If you want to keep them excited, they need to be able to take their work with them. With Flipbook printing, they can print out their animation and take it home to show it to friends and family in an easy and inexpensive way.

What's new in iStopMotion 1.9

  • Flipbook Printing - Print good old flipbooks from your animation.
  • Universal Application - Runs natively on new iMac and MacBook Pro.

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