FotoMagico 1.5: Good Transitions happen

by Oliver -

2005 became 2006, Apple moves to Intel, and FotoMagico users will update to Boinx FotoMagico 1.5 (free for all current license holders). Impress your audience with 10 new, gorgeous transitions, run it natively the new Intel iMac or MacBook Pro as a Universal Application, use your favorite songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store in live presentations and make your slideshow match the length of your music track.

What's new in 1.5

  • Transitions
    Gorgeous transitions in full quality.
  • Universal Application
    Runs natively on new iMac and MacBook Pro.
  • Present on any screen
    If you have two displays connected, choose on which to run the show on.
  • Adjust slides to Audio
    Have a set of slides match the length of a song.
  • iTunes Music Store
    Use songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store for live slideshows.

Check out the new version. Available now and as a free update for currently registered users.

Thanks to all our beta testers. There will soon be a page recognising your contribution - after we return from Macworld...