Boinx Software Universal Binaries Scorecard

by Oliver -


With Apple finally announcing Macs with Intel (with a very cool ad, btw) it is time to take stock and present a scorecard of where we stand regarding Intel support. Fortunately, we are doing Cocoa apps and were on Xcode from the beginning. Here is the current scorecard:

To be announced new versions running natively:

  • iStopMotion 1.9: Available later today.
  • FotoMagico 1.5: Available later today.

Both these apps are Universal Binaries available as a free update to current license holders. We need to do some Quality Assurance as soon as we have a final Intel machine, but you will be able to download them later today.

Currently shipping versions running with Rosetta:

  • Mouseposé 1.2: works.
  • iVeZeen 2.1: works.
  • MiracleSight: Doesn't work. Apparently, plug ins of an application running on Intel natively also must be Intel code.

These apps will be brought forward to native support as soon as resources permit.

Here is some more information on versions that may be installed on your machine:

  • iStopMotion 1.8.4: Works with Rosetta, but free update to 1.9 recommended.
  • FotoMagico 1.2.6: Does not work with Rosetta on our test machine. Free update to FotoMagico 1.5 recommended.

Looking back, it was quite easy to reach this point. Michael did a lot of the work (which mostly consisted of reconfiguring the Xcode projects to use gcc 4 and a cleaner project layout) at WWDC in June and Achim and Peter used the opportunity at an Apple developers kitchen to get most of the rest of the work done. Turns out it was good planning to have the Universal Binaries available for Macworld.