"FotoMagico takes slideshows to new heights"

by Oliver -

Janet Mobley reviews FotoMagico for "TMUG Insider", the Tri-Valley Macintosh Users Group (Pleasanton, CA) newsletter, June 2005 issue:

I had spent about 12 hours of time and several pots of coffee in two evening sessions in the hotel room producing this overnight sensation. My Titanium 15" laptop had enough RAM (1 GHz) and robustness to create and playback a full-screen, stereo-soundtrack-ed, smooth-moving, judiciously panned and zoomed, FotoMagico slideshow. Much easier to use than iMovie, and in my opinion more intuitive, FotoMagico costs all of $79 for the downloaded software and is well worth the brief learning curve. [...] It takes slideshows to new heights of control and production speed.