Boinx Software apps fit for Tiger

by Oliver -

Finally, it's there. Everybody is looking to get their hands on Mac OS X Tiger. Boinx Software applications are ready when you are.

  • iStopMotion 1.8.1 released today
    The release fixes a few minor issues with Mac OS X Tiger and improves stability for all users. In addition, new default preview movie settings deliver much better quality playback when previewing your work.
  • FotoMagico 1.2.3
    The recently released update is already ready for Tiger. You can simply keep their current version installed when updating Mac OS X.
  • iVeZeen 2.0
    Still running strong and compatible with Tiger is this little gem.
  • MiracleSight 1.0
    The fun screensaver gets a new life with Mac OS X Tiger as Apple fixed a problem that was introduced with Mac OS X 10.3.5 and prevented MiracleSight from working since then.
  • Mouseposé 1.2
    Updated just this week to Version 1.2, the free tool now works on Tiger and features a freely assignable Hot Key and a Menu Bar Icon for controlling the app so that the Dock Icon can now be switched off.