iStopMotion 1.8b14

by Oliver -

A new beta version 1.8b14 is now available from the iStopMotion Beta page. Thanks to all who provide feedback (link removed), the beta 14 is a stable and mature version. Probably the last beta before release.

Here is what's new:

  • New: Major improvements to image scaling
    If input and movie results differ in size, iStopMotion will now use a MUCH better scaling algorithm. This is most obvious with HR movies and when using still cameras. On the downside, scaling is now a bit slower, again most noticeable with huge images.
  • Enh: Blinking can now be set even slower to help distinguish the frames easier.
  • Enh: Sound display has been improved with low amplitude sounds.
  • Enh: Still Camera files that cannot be imported by iStopMotion (RAW, movies) are no longer displayed in the import window.
  • Fix: Lots of minor and quite major bug fixes. See the included version history (ReadMe from Help Menu) for details.