MTV2's "Viewer's Choice: U2's Greatest

by Oliver -


New York City based post-production facility Editional Effects created a fresh new packaging look for MTV2's tribute program “Viewer's Choice: U2's Greatest" which premiered Nov. 19th 2004 on MTV2. From their Press Release: "Through a labor-intensive process of hand cutting individually printed frames and the help of iStopMotion for Mac, Barry & Harrison were able to use a Nikon D70 Digital SLR camera controlled by a PowerBook laptop to photograph hundreds of images of the performing band members juxtaposed on the city's skyline. Shot on location on a Manhattan rooftop, the combination of stop motion animation and time-lapse photography made for a gritty, unpolished look that was just right for the show." A short clip featuring U2 has been posted to Editional Effects' Website.