Boinx Software at Macworld Expo

by Oliver -

We are in the middle of the preparations of the Macworld Expo booth that we will have in San Francisco in January. I've opened a new category on this weblog to collect all postings associated with the Macworld Expo appearance.


This is what the booth looked like in January 2005. The booth in 2006 will be roughly the same. We hope to feature hardware that is a bit more sexy, but details still need to be worked out. Currently we hope to have two iMac G5s for presentation, a Power Mac G5 running the display at the top of the booth and a Mac mini for taking a time lapse of all the people passing our booth and stopping by to get some info.

Three people will be at the booth: Achim and Oliver Breidenbach and Werner Nieke will answer your questions.

We are looking forward to meeting you. Watch this space on information on how to get a ticket for the expo.