FotoMagico 1.5b8 Public Beta

by Oliver -

FotoMagico 1.5 enters its public beta phase. You can download it and use it with your regular license key. If you want to try it out, you can also use the regular demo license with it.

What's new in FotoMagico 1.5b8?

One word: transitions. We added a number high quality, beautiful transitions. When you see then, you'll understand why it took some time to implement. Give them a spin and see if you can figure out where we got the inspiration for them.

Another new thing is the support for a second screen. If you use a computer with two displays connected, you can now choose on which one the slideshow will run.

Also much requested the capability to make a set of slides match the duration of a song.

Great new stuff. We want you to really pound this version, see if you can break it. Our plan is to have a stable version ready for the Macworld.

How to download FotoMagico 1.5b8...

Use your existing license key, or get a demo license key here, or buy a license.