Built-in iSight (iMac G5)

by Oliver -

On friday, our new iMac G5 with built-in iSight arrived. Following up several user reports, we have quickly tested our apps. Here are some findings:

  • iStopMotion: Works fine with the built-in iSight. Strangely, if you connect an external iSight in addition to the built-in, you can not select it as input source. We are looking into that.
  • iVeZeen: Also works, but you can not adjust any parameters. This is because the built-in iSight is not a FireWire IIDC device like the external iSight but a USB 2.0 device. We'll have to see if we can work out how to control it.
  • $MS$: Works as well.

So, pretty good record. We will iron out the remain glitches soon, I hope.

BTW, when I compare the video image from the external iSight with the new built-in iSight, I must say that the built-in iSight seems to have a better picture. It can deal better with low light conditions. Maybe this is not surprising as the vendor is given as "Micron" by System Profiler, which seems to have good sensor technology.