ATI Switzerland 1-2 Oct. 2005

by Oliver -

This weekend, I was at the ATI Switzerland, giving a presentation on iStopMotion on Saturday. I am becoming a great fan of the Apple education community, meeting with all these great teachers. Some of them are amazing idealists, spending their own money on iBooks for their pupils and equipment that the schools can't afford.

At the beginning of this event, there was a presentation by Jean-Luc Barras of the SFIB which runs the portal for education in Switzerland. He presented an impressive high level view of the state of education in general. It reminded me why I once was very passionate about the issue of learning. He introduced himself with a quote by a third world teacher about his children needing "soccer fields for the minds". The idea being that educational content needs to be fun and competitive.

Of course, we believe that iStopMotion fits this perfectly. It is fun, educational in a lot of areas and it can easily be given a competitive context where, in the end, everybody wins.

The iStopMotion presentation gathered a large croud. From the numbers, a bit less than half of the ATI participants were attending my talk despite 3 other presentations running at the same time. I hear that attendees were impressed and found the presentation useful which I am glad to hear. If you could not attend the talk, it was essentially a summary of the main points of stop motion animation in the classroom. Apple has a couple of great pages on the topic online at the english web site and the swiss.