New iPod, FotoMagico and iVeZeen

by Oliver -


The new iPod arrived at Boinx Software. First impression: the box is small, real small. Time to load stuff onto it. "Achim Had A Little Lamp" was quickly converted for the iPod using Apple's QuickTime Player Pro.

A nasty surprise awaited us, however: the H.264 based iPod presets for FotoMagico and iVeZeen did not work as specified. It is more tricky than apparent at first sight to create a movie that will play on the new iPod using QuickTime APIs. We updated both FotoMagico and iVeZeen to include fixes. iVeZeen 2.1.1 has a new piece of code which uses a different exporter to create the H.264 file. To incorporate this new code in FotoMagico turns out to be a challenge, so FotoMagico 1.2.6 has a new preset based on the MPEG-4 format until the new code works and has been tested.