Wallace & Gromit (II)

by Oliver -

The team was at the movies on Tuesday, watching Wallace and Gromit. Great movie. Compared to the recent Computer Graphics Animation films by Pixar and others, the stop motion technique shows some imperfections which come with all hand crafts. This movie proves that the story is everything. And the story in Wallace & Gromit is truly great.


Burger King in Germany has a co-marketing program with the movie. The toys they offer with the Kids Menu are a piece of clay and a form for making the Wallace and Gromit characters with. Do they work for a fan film? Are they suitable for home stop motion movies? They are a bit small and fragile. Also they are one colored, so features like eyes and mouth are indistiguable. The clay is a special sort of clay which does not stick to the form but also lacks a certain stability. To animate them is very hard. You have to be very careful not to destroy the features of the figures when you move the arms or legs. Nevertheless it is a great way to show kids the principle of clay animation. And kids will have a lot of fun destroying and recreating the characters anyways.

So, send us your fan films made with iStopMotion. We will certainly post a link here!