Go!Le Go: Totentanz

by Oliver -

totentanz.jpgNew masterpiece from our friends at Go!Le Go: Totentanz in German and English. A peom by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe serves as the story for the black and white 9 minute movie. Great props and amazing sound track. Made with Lego® Bricks, Wood, Paper Maché, natural Things, SONY DCRTRV-320E, iStopMotion, iMovie, Logic Audio, Apple G4 Powerbook & Power Mac G5. A Making of takes you behind the scenes with an upcoming movie and pictures of the set: "The Movie was realized in between May to September 2004. A few hundred hours spent on setdesign, construction, storyboard, voice recording, animation, editing, post production, sound-design and composing the music. Round about 8000 Pictures are shooted to let the poem "Totentanz" life."