FotoMagico "truly incredible"

by Oliver -

Mike Blumenthal offered a review of FotoMagico for the Mac on MacInTouch: "I have just spent a couple of days playing with the 1.01 version of FotoMagico" [...] "This is truly an incredible program for anyone working regularly with still images for slide shows presented on a computer, web or TV via DVD. It provides great control of image duration & transition effects. Its interface on the transition effects is innovative and powerful allowing some unusual results that look great." [...] "It integrates very smoothly with iTunes and iPhoto and it overcomes iDVD's 99 slide limitation and allows better audio control as well. It is faster & easier to create special effects than iMovie." [...] "This moves photographic slide shows into fun and interesting territory. The tech support was superlative as I was learning the product and findings its few limitations and quirks."