iStopMotion at TIES 2004 (Dec. 4th - 7th)

by Oliver -

Visit George Rota at TIES 2004. George will be giving an all day class teaching clay animation on Sunday, Dec. 5th: "Let your imaginations go as you learn about the basics of creating clay animation projects for you and your students. In this workshop, you will learn how to create short clay animation movies using iStopMotion, a simple capture application that interfaces with iMovie. All supplies will be furnished."

On Monday, Dec. 6th, he will be giving a talk on how he and Duane have used iStopMotion as their tool to teach kids about clay animation: "And now in the center ring, performing for the first time... the Amazing Hopkins Clay Animation Circus! Come see how students in Hopkins created clay animation projects using iStopMotion, a software product for creating frame-by-frame animation. Learn some planning ideas and tricks so you can begin your own clay animation projects."