Customer Works: Dance of the Angel

by Oliver -

danceofangel.jpgCody Deegan from Nevada produces a feature film "Dance of the Angel" in his spare time. A very interesting project. A small demo clip can be downloaded here. It makes use of iStopMotion's stop motion features as well as the time lapse with an interesting overlay effect. Cody writes: "I do have an animation scene I need to do for my movie very soon and needed some software to shoot it. I studied Traditional Character Animation at CALARTS in the early 90's and am looking forward to using my skills again. I have also just been hired to create a 5-minute animation piece for a cherokee man named Willy Whitefeather about his teachings of peace and Native American symbology. I believe I will be using iStopMotion to shoot all of it as well. I played with the software for about 5 minutes last night and felt confident that it was going to be just what I need."