Marvelous mimoLive Plays Well at Varsity Hockey Tournament

2016 03 21 203008720 w620

After taking over the video program at Brookings High, digital specialist Brad Nupen was left with a low quality stream setup and was unhappy with the overall look of his broadcasts and began considering his options. Queue BoinxTV!

Brad says, “I really enjoyed the immediate results of the broadcast-ready templates for my students and the relative simplicity in setting up.”

When the news broke that BoinxTV was to undergo some cosmetic and technical changes, Brad was eager to see what was in store. As BoinxTV evolved and took on the new moniker, mimoLive, Brad instantly saw the impact of the updated software.

“The quality of the image, the ability to add graphics and the ease and stability of the streaming really demonstrated that mimoLive is going to be a contender in the live streaming arena,” says Brad.

Once better acquainted with the program, Brad decided it was time to see what mimoLive could really do at the Brookings High state boy’s varsity hockey tournament.

Brad explains, “I was a bit nervous because there were people from across the state that would be tuning in and watching it at a later date, and I wanted to have the best quality possible. I was not disappointed with mimoLive! The broadcast went on without any problems. I was able to follow the live action using the monitor on mimoLive as my secondary camera monitor.”

Since the students are the big users of mimoLive in Brad’s classroom, he is eager to integrate more student-produced works such as commercials, short movies and more into the live streaming broadcasts. With mimoLive, Brad can see clearly just how to make that happen.

To see how Brad and his students flawlessly captured the boy’s varsity hockey tournament, click here.