London artist, Tessa Holmes, has established herself as a successful printmaker, having taught the subject at the London College of Communication for over 12 years.

Most recently, she’s taken her art in a new direction, using her animalgamation pieces as inspiration. Her new creative direction has led to the development of her fascinating concept, “wiromals,” wire sculptures that are brought to life with the help of iStopMotion.

Tessa says, “I have wanted to animate my work for a long time – but equipment, technical ability and cost has always prevented me from doing this. iStopMotion is a bit of magic. Such an easy process: quick, simple and with immediate results. Now I have that ability to make my characters live – what a thrill! The app has enabled me to put my ideas into practice and push my work in a different direction, inspiring me to think outside of the box.”

As of now, she’s created two of these expressive shorts, but has plans to develop a whole series featuring movement based activities and simple story lines.

Although Tessa is still exploring the all capabilities and features of iStopMotion, she already has some favorites.

“The green screen capability is great as well as the drawing tool – drawing directly onto the frames is brilliant!” she says.

We can’t wait to see how Tessa’s wiromals evolve. She’s even considering making them 3D in the future! For more on Tessa’s work, please visit her website here.

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