Introducing mimoLive 5

Watch Oliver and Achim demo the new features of mimoLive 5 and take questions from the audience.

New in mimoLive 5:

  • New and more Templates help new users to get up to speed with mimoLive and existing users can dive deeper into its rich features.
  • Layer Sets allow you to store and recall the live state of the entire Layer Stack, allowing you to move easily between various segments in your program that require a lot of changes to happen at the same time, for example if your morning announcement has a news segment and a weather forecast.
  • The Video Sync Meter helps you get video sources with different latency into sync.
  • Replacing Media File Sources makes updating the look of your show easier.
  • Drag and Drop support between documents allows you to more easily reuse the customized layers.

Download mimoLive 5

The update to mimoLive 5 is free of charge for all current mimoLive subscribers.