The Science of iStopMotion

In Katie LeFrancois’ classroom at Richmond Elementary School in Richmond, Vermont, the science of iStopMotion runs rampant – and it’s been a big help in her curriculum! Recently, Katie’s students explored interdependence, focusing on ecosystems and how the biotic and abiotic components of an ecosystem depend on each other. They also discussed how ecosystems can change over time due to human and natural disturbances.

To learn more and dive deeper into the lesson, Katie’s students picked the topics that interested them the most and made an instructional iStopMotion film about them to teach to the class. Some of their topics included “How Humans Damage and Help the Earth,” “The ABCs of Ecology,” “What Happens to an Ecosystem When Something Goes Wrong?” and “What is an Ecosystem?”

The students used iStopMotion for iPad to film and iMovie to edit, collaborating with each other the whole way through. Check out all of the videos on Katie’s class blog,! Great job, everyone!