Star Wars: The Lego Strikes Back

When it comes to animations about Star Wars, you’re going to Obi-“Wanna” use iStopMotion! At least, that’s what Brandon Warhurst decided to do when he put together his Auld Lang Syne Lego Star Wars stop motion animation. We love Brickfilms (AKA animations made using Lego figures) here at Boinx and this one definitely sent our interests into another galaxy!

Brandon made his film with a white paper backdrop, some less than ideal lighting (he makes it work!) and iStopMotion. He added special effects with some other tools, but the bulk of the work was done using iStopMotion. He also lends his singing voice to the track for a unique addition to the film.

It is AMAZINGLY easy to turn out stuff like this with iStopMotion,” Brandon says. “In fact, it was excellent for syncing the sound too as I could count frames to get the sounds JUST where I needed them.