“Save” the Date for Ian Blackwood & The Bipolars' Latest Music Video!

Ian Blackwood & The Bipolars recently came out with an awesome music video trailer for their song “Save Me,” complete with premade and customized Lego figures and sets supplied by Firestar Toys. Friends of the band, Ian Husbands and Toni Husbands put the animation together using an iPhone 4 as a remote camera attached to an iPad 2 with iStopMotion to capture the images. The final editing was done in Final Cut on a Mac.

The pair reported that they loved using iStopMotion for iPad to help shoot their video, saying it allowed them a lot more flexibility than a fixed computer would have in putting together the animation. The ability to move the iPad and iPhone around made their work a lot easier, as they have a small filming setup. The smooth user interface also made working slick, since like many others, they’re so familiar with other Apple apps that using the app came naturally.

We love the old Western feel to the animation. The face changes on the Lego figures rock, too! It adds realism to the video that can’t help but bring a smile to your face. We’re definitely excited to see the entire music video when it comes out!

Check out the music video trailer above before the full video becomes available! Like the song? Grab it on iTunes now!