Pirates, Superheroes and iStopMotion … Oh My!

What do an old phone, Play-Doh and pirates have in common? When put together, they make great characters in a stop motion animation movie! Don’t believe us? Check out “The Destruction Of Old Nokia” (above) for yourself!

Using iStopMotion for Mac and iMovie, YouTuber Leoand01 gets revenge on his old Nokia phone with the help of different Play-Doh characters, including having it drowned by pirates, dropped by superheroes and even burned in a clay fire pit.

"The Destruction Of Old Nokia" is one of many videos Leoand01 has made with iStopMotion, and they’re all featured on his extensive YouTube channel, which features dozens of home-made stop motion videos. He says iStopMotion is easy to use for non-professionals, and that Boinx makes it simple to add sound effects and cool features. If you have an old phone you would like to seek revenge on, or if you just need some good-natured inspiration, check out Leoand01’s other videos for tips!