Party Like the Weltmeister

We're celebrating Germany's big win with an Indiegogo flash sale! To celebrate the Weltmeister*, for a limited time only, you can save 44% off the regular price of PartySnapper with the Weltmeister Sale perk on Indiegogo. You'll get PartySnapper unlimited for just $17!

In addition to the celebratory sale, we just released a new campaign video, in which Dr. Bowman's alter-ego Bastian explains in further detail just how PartySnapper works. "We at Boinx Software, we love to celebrate. So if you are like us, you like to take and share pictures with your friends and family," Bastian says. "We want to take this experience to a whole new level, so we want to create PartySnapper - the social photo wall app that will wow your party guests."

"If you like the idea of this app as much as we do, please help us bring it to market. Since designing, developing marketing and sustaining an app costs a lot of money, we need your support. Every single contribution helps us bring this app to market. So please help, and party on!"

Some Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: What will be the pricing for the app?

A: Your guests will never have to pay a cent to use the guest camera functionality. Only the party host pays for the app. If you want to use the app for just one party, you can purchase a ticket that is valid for seven days. If you want to use it for many parties, you can choose to pay a one time charge that allows you to use PartySnapper as much as you want.

Q: What happens when people do not take pictures all the time?

A: If there are no new photos submitted, PartySnapper will cycle through the previously snapped images. Once a new photo is submitted, it will be added to the queue. So there is a constant stream of existing photos, mixed in with the most recent ones.

*Weltmeister = World Champion