One Man’s Trash is, Well … Another Fish’s Trash, Too

When you litter, what do you think happens to your trash? “The Great Garbage Trip” shows us exactly what, in a beautifully done iStopMotion video. It’s an animation about the huge amount of plastic waste in the sea and its consequences.

The video was created by Gaia Codoni during studies in the field of Scientific Visualization at the Zurich University of Arts. The only materials used were pastel-colored paper, strings and of course, a little bit of perseverance. It was inspired by the style of the great Italian artist Emanuele Luzzati. Gaia’s iStopMotion animation has been so successful that it was displayed in 2012 at the Museum für Gestaltung Zurich in the exhibition “Endstation Meer.” Gaia loved using iStopMotion to help with the project because it was “easy and effective … a winning mix!”

We know that the anticipation is probably killing you, so we won’t spoil any more of the video for you … just take a look! To check out more of Gaia’s work, check out