On A Quest for Animation Domination

Among other titles including documentarian and photographer, Hether Hoffmann is an art teacher at Quest Academy in Palatine, Illinois. A school for intellectually gifted children aged preschool through eighth grade, Quest Academy offers an average ratio of one teacher for every seven students, making smaller classes with tailored curriculum easily achievable.

Part of Hether’s focused art curriculum includes technology integration, allowing her to bring iStopMotion into the classroom for a seamless learning process.

“I believe that technology can provide a seamless avenue for creative production when students are given content, tools and a creative guide,” she says.

For the animated short, “St. George and the Dragon,” students were given a drawing assignment asking them to tell their own version of the story. From there, the assignment took on new life through iStopMotion.

The creative capabilities of iStopMotion were a highlight for students, many citing the in-app narration feature and frame rate control as instrumental to the quality of their animations.

Technology integration in the classroom seems to be a trend that is here to stay, and with good reason! Technology such as iStopMotion has limitless possibilities in terms of enhancing student understanding of course material. For more examples of Hether’s students’ work, click here.