My Dad The Doctor

Looking for that perfect way to present your photos to an audience of your choosing? Ilene Hoffman at TUAW, a resource for all things Apple and beyond, recommends FotoMagico for all of your photo fun!

FotoMagico can be a breeze to use to create basic photo presentations,” she says.

It can be a challenge to keep up with what was added when because Boinx Software never just sits on its laurels, it updates FotoMagico frequently with bug fixes and user generated feature requests. Since the update from Version 3 to Version 4 in October 2012, Boinx has generated 12 updates!

Previously, you could create an interesting slide show with different transitions, zoom, text, and music. Now, you can add more transition types and masks to the mix and show up to six images (Layers) on one screen, with text, image, or even a video within a static image. Masking your individual layers lets you do some interesting things, such as move a route line along a map as shown in one of their demos or show only part of a video or photo and use custom backgrounds.

In her review, Ilene details (with great examples!) all of FotoMagico’s best features. Although she says the more advanced features are best learned through Boinx’s video tutorials and may take some time to master, she notes all of the simple features that can be used for day-to-day presentations.

Boinx Software is very responsive when you have trouble, so if any of your edits do not work perfectly every time, check the support forum,” Ilene continues. “The US $99 price tag may seem steep, but the feature set is so rich, I think the price is reasonable.

Be sure to check out the fantastic slideshow Ilene created above using FotoMagico, as a tribute to her late father. We are so touched to play whatever small role we could in helping her to display her family’s memories in such a moving way. Visit Ilene's blog to learn more about how she was able to track down the many family photos used in her slideshow. To read the rest of Ilene’s thorough and informative review, check out the original post here.