Here’s a Holly, Jolly Christmas Animation!

It’s not about having the best of everything – it’s about making the best of everything you have. Animators Li Yi and Colin (the Supercols) used the best of whatever materials they had in the house – cardstock, paper, wires, blue tack, foam board – to make an incredible holiday themed animation that is simple and sweet.

It tells the story of Annabelle, Jacob and baby Caleb, a small family with a very big heart, who decide to take their own approach to putting up a Christmas tree during one of the most expensive times of the year.

Li Yi and Colin have used iStopMotion before, and although this animation in particular was created by using only a camera and some hard work, it makes for some great holiday inspiration! Try taking one basic item – like newspaper here – and basing a story around it to animate in iStopMotion. Use some leftover holiday decorations, like tinsel, candles or gift-wrapping, for an extra special touch! It’s not too late to create your own homemade holiday eCard to send to your family and friends!

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* Note: The above animation was not created with iStopMotion.