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Meet PartySnapper, the social photo wall app that will truly wow your party guests! To make PartySnapper a reality, we’ve launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise $20,000.

"When I was young, a long time ago, I was at my Noble Prize party, taking pictures with my instant camera. I tried to throw them on the wall. They didn’t stick. Back in the day, this was impossible,” recalls Dr. Term T. Bowman, Ph.D., Head Scientist and Chief Good Vibes Officer at Boinx Software.

Today, all you need is PartySnapper.

PartySnapper is a social photo wall on steroids. It has both a photo-taking mode for attendees and a mode for hosting parties. Every guest at a party takes tons of pictures with their iPhones. PartySnapper transmits these instantly to the host’s iPad or iPhone wirelessly, where all the photos are collected then displayed as a beautiful slideshow that plays on a TV or projector via AirPlay or cable. At the end of the party, there’s no need to ask the guests to send in their photos – they’ve already been aggregated on the host’s device. The app is super easy to use; hosts and party-goers alike should both be able to use it, even at the end of a long night of partying.

We have been toying around with this app idea for a long time. But making a great app takes a lot of effort and more often than not, an app is not appreciated by users enough to pay the developer back,” states Oliver Breidenbach, Boinx’s CEO. “In fact, development, design and marketing will take about three times more than the $20,000 campaign goal. But we are prepared to match every dollar with two of our own to make PartySnapper a reality, if backers also think this is a great idea. All we ask is that with a small (or large) contribution, you show us that our efforts will not be in vain.

Party Perks: Join Boinx at Oktoberfest - Or At Least Get a T-Shirt!

Aside from helping to make an unbelievably cool app a reality and changing the world of partying forever, we’re offering a number of great perks to thank backers for their generous donations. In addition to two versions of PartySnapper, campaign supporters can claim perks such as a PartySnapper T-shirt, an iPhone 5/5s case, an authentic Bavarian beer stein (limited to just 100 exclusive pieces) and much more. One level even offers two tickets to the Boinx Oktoberfest party, so one (or two separate) backers can party with Boinx for their generous donation. Special investment levels are available to Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg.

Are you as excited about this idea as we are?

Then please help us make it a reality.

Party on!