Fotomagico in the Workplace

Mark Parker, founder and owner of Digistudioz LLC, provides technology, creative media, digital marketing and consulting services to all types of companies. One of the creative media services he offers covers both digital photography as well as digital video production services. The result is a form of digital storytelling that works to enhance his client’s brand narratives.

Mark initially used an expensive service costing him nearly $500 a year for his digital photography services.

“The service had limited video duration, as well as limited templates for the general look and feel,” he says. “Plus, it consumed huge amounts of bandwidth as all their processing was online, and it was time consuming.”

Mark was so relieved to have found Fotomagico when he did. Not only was the innovative software cost-effective, but it also saved him valuable time when working on client deliverables.

“For me, it makes creating and telling a digital story very easy, and using the application is a pleasure,” he says. “Its functionality, flexibility and rich feature set with an integrated timeline are far superior to anything I have used before.”

We can’t wait to see how Digistudioz crafts new stories for their clients with FotoMagico! For a sample of Mark’s work, check out the Fotomagico video above!