A New Brickfilm Holiday … and a Huge iStopMotion Promotion!

Hold on to your costumes - there’s a new holiday to celebrate pre-Halloween! October 26th is now the International Day of Brickfilming for Peace, as proclaimed by our friends at golego animation. Want to celebrate with us? Try your hand at creating a short, peaceful animation or movie and make it public on the 26th. It’s not a contest, but everyone who creates a short animation is a winner!

To do our part, we’re making it easier for you to participate. From now until October 26th, iStopMotion for iPad will be available at half price (4.99 USD)!

Be sure to check out some of golego’s work for inspiration – including a movie about the future of mankind called “INFINITE – Albert EINSTEIN in LEGO brickfilm,” which placed third by jury vote and second by audience vote in the STEINEREI Brick Film Festival. “The ‘Making Of’” gives some great insight on how to put a brickfilm together behind the scenes.

For more details on the International Day of Brickfilming for Peace, and on golego themselves, visit them on Google+. Happy “holidays,” happy animating … and don’t forget to send us your brickfilm creations!