mimoLive 2.8.2: PTZOptics Controller

PTZ cameras are great because they allow you to move the camera without a dedicated camera operator.

PTZOptics makes great PTZ cameras with high quality video output via HDMI, SDI or USB 3, which you can easily capture in mimoLive using an SDI or HDMI grabber or directly via USB 3 for the respective models.

mimoLive 2.8.2 adds a PTZOptics Controller which not only allows you to remotely control pan, tilt and zoom of the camera, but also to save and recall up to 8 camera positions. You can easily switch between a wide angle shot and several close ups, for example on different people on a stage.

mimoLive supports using multiple PTZOptics cameras simultaneously, so you can make a two camera production look like you used 16 cameras.

Jason Jenkins of the DVEStore has produced a quick video tutorial on how to use the PTZOptics Controller.

Learn more about the PTZOptics Controller in the mimoLive Manual.

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