mimoLive 2.4: Improved Account Management

2016 08 17 174356603

There are many small fixes in mimoLive 2.4, but the core is that we are now supporting Facebook live streaming and YouTube Live through their native APIs. This is a big improvement in how you set up a live stream. Facebook, for example, now no longer requires Adobe Flash to be installed.

Here is the full list of what’s new:

  • New: YouTube account and streaming panel.
  • New: Twitch account and streaming panel.
  • Enhancement: Better Facebook integration so we are no longer dependening on a crashing website by Facebook.
  • Enhancement: Added a button to Setting Popovers to detach the window.
  • Enhancement: Fixed some bugs when streaming to Facebook.
  • Enhancement: mimoLive Virtual Audio output is ignored in the audio input list.
  • Enhancement: Video Source icons now reflects the type of camera (Black Magic Design, iOS etc.)
  • Enhancement: More undo support
  • Enhancement: Renewed licenses will be installed automatically
  • Fixed: Memory leak when playing back movies with portrait orientation.
  • Fixed: Memory leak when using AXIS cameras as MotionJPEG sources.
  • Fixed: Communication issues with certain streaming platforms.

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