Learn How to Braid with “Hair By Josh”

iStopMotion is showing up in the beauty salon! In the video above, we get to see the whole hairdo process in all of its animation glory, from start to finish. We love the idea of documenting a process with iStopMotion – remember, you can always use the time-lapse feature for another unique effect!

Introducing “Hair By Josh.” What do you think? What is the next process you’ll film using iStopMotion?

Newsletter: Spice up your videos on the cheap

It is a running gag in our home town of Munich that every year in mid-November, the public transport authority struggles with the surprising and sudden onset of winter. The first snow and frost of the season causes the doors on the trains and trams to freeze shut, the heating to fail and chaos to break loose. After all, with spring just barely over, who'd have thought that winter could come this fast?

This year, I can relate better than ever before. As promised in the last newsletter, we do have exciting projects coming – mimoLive (formerly known as BoinxTV), FotoMagico 5, and a new thing soon to be featured on the new Apple TV. But before we could get our parkas out of storage, winter has come and those things are not quite ready yet. (You can sign up for the betas, though!)

So, how about a little video magic to pass the time? Tobias Witzgall, a very talented media design student, photographer and cinematographer, has made us a new trailer for Boinx FxTiles, the 3D effects and transitions package we created in cooperation with FxFactory. Maybe a little inspiration on how to spend the long nights ahead to improve your creative design skills...

Coincidentally, if you need to spice up your Final Cut Pro, Motion, Premiere Pro or After Effects projects, now, for only one week, FxTiles and all the other cool plug ins from FxFactory are 20% off.

Remember, no discount is worth getting beat up over, so click on over to FxFactory to save money safely right from your office or living room.

And definitely don't miss the next newsletter, where I will reveal the next big thing for your new Apple TV.

Royally InspirED!

Dawn Feather, an iStopMotion veteran, is back at it! In a previous blog post we detailed how Dawn and her colleagues are using iStopMotion at InspirED Workshops and why they chose the innovative software. Dawn and her colleagues are back at it again, this time at the Royal Armouries in Leeds, UK. InspirED was invited to create and deliver three imaginative animation activities for families attending the museum to take part in. The criteria for included designing two days of drop-in animation activities lasting between 10 and 30 minutes and one day of two-hour animation workshops.

Although the InspirED team was on hand to guide participants, most participants were able to create short animations with little or no instruction. They retold classic Greek myths and tales about viscous Vikings with clay and other pre-made props. Working in small groups made up of mostly families, parents, grandparents and children, the new animators were able to create some amazing short animations! You can check them out here.

Check out Dawn’s blog post about the event here! We love how Dawn has been using iStopMotion, not only to inspire her own students, but to also foster connection and collaboration in different settings. We can’t wait to see what else Dawn and InspirED have planned in the future – we’re expecting great things!

Help Max Nunez of the NHC Public Library Win the Public Library Association’s National Video Contest!

Max Nunez, library associate at NHC, has been using iStopMotion for some time now – you may even remember him from the blog post, “When Adults Are The Students.” A fan of iStopMotion, Max has used the software to secure himself a top six spot in the Public Library Association’s National Video Contest!

Now it’s up to popular vote on Facebook to see which entry wins free registration for the Public Library Association Conference in Denver, Colorado. Click here to like Max’s video and help him win. Best of luck, Max!

On A Quest for Animation Domination

Among other titles including documentarian and photographer, Hether Hoffmann is an art teacher at Quest Academy in Palatine, Illinois. A school for intellectually gifted children aged preschool through eighth grade, Quest Academy offers an average ratio of one teacher for every seven students, making smaller classes with tailored curriculum easily achievable.

Part of Hether’s focused art curriculum includes technology integration, allowing her to bring iStopMotion into the classroom for a seamless learning process.

“I believe that technology can provide a seamless avenue for creative production when students are given content, tools and a creative guide,” she says.

For the animated short, “St. George and the Dragon,” students were given a drawing assignment asking them to tell their own version of the story. From there, the assignment took on new life through iStopMotion.

The creative capabilities of iStopMotion were a highlight for students, many citing the in-app narration feature and frame rate control as instrumental to the quality of their animations.

Technology integration in the classroom seems to be a trend that is here to stay, and with good reason! Technology such as iStopMotion has limitless possibilities in terms of enhancing student understanding of course material. For more examples of Hether’s students’ work, click here.