FotoMagico 5.4

FotoMagico 5.4 is now available both for download from our website and from the Mac App Store if you bought it there.

The release addresses several small issues and ads layer blend modes for new creative possiblities as well as new text placeholder tokens for dates.

It also fixes the crash-at-launch experienced by FotoMagico 5.3 users due to an expired developer certificate.

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FotoMagico 5.3 crashes

Numerous customers were suddenly experiencing crashes with FotoMagico 5.3 purchased directly from our FastSpring store starting this Wednesday. The cause of this is an expired Apple issued developer certificate which has the purpose of making sure that the downloaded file is legitimate and not some malware. Ideally, the expiration of this certificate should not have an effect on already downloaded and installed apps, nor should it affect already signed apps in the distribution channels. Unfortunately, something is broken in the OS that causes the app to crash because of this expired certificate. Apple told us they are working on a fix.

While we wait for this fix, if you are affected by this problem, you can download the brand new FotoMagico 5.4 now, which we shipped yesterday and which, among other things, addresses this issue by being signed with a new certificate.

I'm sorry for all the inconvenience this has caused.

On behalf of the Boinx Software Crew,


Introducing Music Super Pack

A lot of people told us that the FotoMagico music snippet packs are so useful that they had to get all of them.

To make that easy for you, we're introducing the Music Super Pack which includes Music Pack 1-7.

You'll get 149 great, ready-to-use music tracks by Kevin McLeod and Josh Woodward (under a Creative Commons license), outfitted with FotoMagico audio markers for perfectly synchronized slides shows for just US$ 14.99*, saving 30% over the separate purchases.

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