Introducing Wedding Slideshow Pro Pack

Wether you are a professional wedding photographer or that friend of the bride who happens to know how to use a camera, you know that a couple of prints just don't cut it any more for many newly-weds.

Step up your wedding photography game with FotoMagico and this comprehensive set of building blocks for professional wedding slide shows. Dazzle the newly-weds, their friends and family and other wedding guests with an amazing video they can share on Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, YouTube and more.

The Wedding Slideshow Pro Pack contains ready to use snippets for all aspects of the festivities, from the ceremony to the reception, including variations for indoor or outdoor activites. Easily create a shot list so you don't forget taking critical shots and quickly assemble a short trailer the newly-weds can use instead of a traditional thank-you card.

Learn more about the Wedding Slideshow Pro Pack and how to use it in the Tutorial video.

Wedding Slideshow Pro Pack is now available at the introductory price of US$99, valid through March 31st, 2017. After that, it will sell for US$149.

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mimoLive 2.8.1: Improved Streaming

Starting with version 2.8.1, mimoLive is changing the way it adapts to changing bandwidth when it's streaming live which will greatly improve the reliability of streams and performance in low resource situations. We've also updated the streaming info panel to give you more sensible information about the status of your stream.

mimoLive now adapts to having less bandwidth than required by trying to decrease the stream bit rate while keeping the frame rate by increasing the compression. Only if this is still not enough, will it also reduce the frame rate.

The streaming info panel is now showing you information about the bandwidth to the streaming ingest server that is actually available. This can differ significantly from the nominal capacity of your local internet connection, either because of load on the local access or because your service provider has a poor link to the network which hosts your streaming server. The panel also shows if bandwidth is sufficient to meet your settings and if not, it will show you how mimoLive deals with this. It will also give you more accurate information about the performance of the encoder. Previously, it falsely reported the encoder to be too slow when in fact the internet bandwidth wasn't sufficient to deliver all the data to your streaming server.

Download mimoLive 2.8.1

mimoLive 2.8.1: Test the Alpha Channel Playout

We designed the Key/Fill SDI play out feature to work with Blackmagic Design hardware. We also tested it with the ATEM Television Studio which supports keying. It uses a method called premultiplied Key. mimoLive is therefore optimized for this mode of operation.

While working with a client who uses a different switcher brand, we noticed that the transparency didn't look quite right. Further investigation showed that that switcher is using a different keying which relies on a method inherited from analog switching systems. In this system, you set Clip and Gain values in your switcher that calculate how the key signal is interpreted.

In order to get this method to work the way you want, you have to find out the values for clip and gain in your switcher that produce the desired result. To help you do this, we have added an Alpha Channel Test pattern to the Video Output Test source you can use to play out and calibrate the settings in your switcher.

More about the Alpha Channel Test pattern...

Sending High Quality Audio Through mimoCall

Troy Grady challenged our engineers by insisting he needed a better audio quality on mimoCall. It turned out to be easier than we thought and with the latest release of the mimoCall web client, we've added a switch to turn on High Quality audio in stereo so that Troy can transmit his awesome guitar riffs through mimoCall into his mimoLive live broadcast.

You can try this for yourself by appending "?hqaudio=true" to any mimoCall URL when using the Chrome web client.

After a few tests, we will add a better UI for this, with ability to control this from within mimoLive.

Making mimoLive Sound Great

Troy Grady is pushing the limits of guitarists and of live streaming. Announcing his first live broadcast show, with guest Michael Angelo Batio, he also gives a quick peek behind the scenes into the technology that powers his new show: "Our setup with mimoLive provides an incredible level of broadcast quality. How crazy is that? [...] We're now entering the year of do-it-yourself, near tv-quality broadcast, which is really amazing for us."

He's particularly excited about mimoCall, the new feature of mimoLive that let's you bring in guests via the Internet into your broadcast easily and effortlessly. Just a couple of days ago, we have enabled high quality audio on this technology, which allows Troy to get callers into his show who play on their instruments to get immediate feedback from the guitar masters in the studio.