mimoLive 2.8b4: Deskew Filter

Imagine you are pointing a camera at a scoreboard or a projector screen. You'll never get it perfectly planar and there is probably a whole lot of image that you don't really want to see. The Deskew filter lets you grab a skewed rectangular part of the video by selecting the edges and display it as a properly deskewed rectangle. You can then use it in your mimoLive document, for example using the PIP layer.

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mimoLive 2.8b4: Introducing mimoCall

Let's talk! mimoLive 2.8 introduces a new feature called mimoCall. This makes it incredibly easy to conduct live interviews, host a discussion panel or send a reporter into the field. Just set up a mimoCall source, send the other party the mimoCall invite link and have them instantly connected into your mimoLive. The other party requires nothing but a Chrome browser. We are also developing an iOS mimoCall client app.

Download mimoLIve 2.8b4 to try mimoCall and let us know what you think.

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FotoMagico Thanksgiving Snippet

"May you live in interesting times" may or may not be a Chinese curse. But if times are as "interesting" as the current ones, it is even more important than usual to contemplate all the things we can be thankful for.

In this spirit, thank you for being a great customer. We wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving.

Our Thanksgiving gift to you is the FotoMagico Thanksgiving Snippet (Watch the Trailer). Quickly create a lasting memory of the time your family and friends spent together by taking your own pictures, adding them to the story, finish with some personal thanks and send out a great slideshow via YouTube.

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