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How to enter my license key

I have completed my purchase at Kagi. What now?
After having completed your purchase via Kagi Online Store, usually within a few minutes you'll receive an email with your license key along with instructions of how to enter it. Please, read the entire mail carefully, scroll down and follow the instructions. The whole process of getting your product registered is described there in great detail.


Is it possible to copy and paste the license information?
In fact, the easiest way to get your product registered is to copy the contents of the body of the confirmation email to the clipboard: In your mail client application, select and open the mail you receive from Kagi. Place the cursor somewhere in the email body text and press the key combination Command-A. This will highlight all text in your mail as shown below.

Press then Command-C or select Copy from the menu named Edit (as displayed in the picture).

When you first launch the application with no previous license entered (including the demo license), you will see either one of the following windows, depending on which product you purchased:

Purchase Assistant window

Purchase Assistant
Click images to enlarge.

Click Existing License or - for iVeZeen only - Enter License. The clipboard's contents containing the previously copied license information will then be retrieved and get your application registered. Alternatively, you can enter this information manually as described here, but it is prone to erroneous input, so we generally recommend to rather use above method of copying and pasting text from the Kagi confirmation mail.


Can I enter the license key code manually?
Yes, you are also free to enter your license key code manually. This may even be necessary, if for some reason the above described registration didn't work, e.g. if you have copied something else to the clipboard in the meantime or you're running your application on a different computer than the one which you received the Kagi confirmation mail on.

Click Install License or Enter License (for iVeZeen).
You will see an entry form looking like this:

Click image to enlarge.

Enter your name in the field next to Name This needs to be spelt exactly as you entered it on the Kagi website. Use the Kagi confirmation email for reference. If you haven't entered an organisation's name at the time of your purchase or if the organisation entry field read [private], please leave the organisation field blank. Again, consult the Kagi mail.
Enter the license key exactly as received from Kagi. When typing in, please take care that the key must not contain the capital letter 'O', but the number '0' instead.
After having entered the key, press the OK button. This will have the application register the key and store it for future use.


I still can't seem to get it to work. Who can I turn to?
If your license key still does not work please send us an email containing this information:

  • Name and Email address used when purchasing
  • Product version
  • facultative: Transaction code issued by Kagi


I did not receive a license key.
Purchased through Kagi

If you purchased a license key through Kagi you should have received an email from Kagi with the subject "Thanks for your purchase". You will find your license key towards the end of the email. Please, read the entire mail carefully, scroll down and follow the instructions. The whole process of getting your product registered is described there in great detail. If the default processing duration of up to three working days was exceeded and you still haven't received an email from Kagi please use the Kagi Order Tracking System

Requested a demo key

If you do not receive your demo license key within an hour or two, please request a new key. The most common reasons for our mailservers in failing to deliver keys are:

  • Make sure that the email adress you entered is correct.
  • Make sure your email account has not exceeded its quotas.
  • Check if your Spam filter has accidentally filtered the email containing your key.
  • If you are a Verizon.net customer and have requested your key through an account with them, please request a new key using an alternative address. Verizon.net apparently doesn't accept non-US domains and hence our automatic reply along with your demo key won't get delivered.


I've read there is a free Lite License - where can I find it?
The free Lite License has been discontinued. Current Users of the 1.0 Lite License have received an email explaining their options. The existing Lite License Key will continue to work with all versions up to 1.1.1.


Can I install Multi-User licenses over the network?
There are a couple of ways to achieve this. First of all, instead of entering the license key you can also copy the license key file that is saved under /Library/Application Support/Boinx/Licenses/ to all of your machines. These are some of the methods:

  1. You install the machines from a disk image with the entire system on it. This means you create a master installation and simply copy that to all the machines. That way the license key is copied over automatically.
  2. Using a tool such as Apple Remote Desktop you can copy the license key file to all machines on your network simultaneously.
  3. If you have a Mac OS X Server at hand, you can create a networked Library directory (automounted at /Network/Library/ on the clients) and store the license key file there. The apps running on the clients would then use that license key file.



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