Juni 11, 2019
It was a pleasure talking to Derrick Story of The Digital Story podcast about an upcoming feature in mimoLive that makes it great for recording audio podcasts with a guest. Listen in…
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Guy Serle takes a look at mimoLive for to see how it stacks up against other alternatives such as the free OBS. He finds that, when it comes to live streaming, mimoLive is in a category of its own. „mimoLive is both the most powerful and easiest to use software currently made, and is a huge...
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This cool video by forum user @wibbly is both a show case for using mimoLive to record a screencast and a demo of using Mentimeter to integrate polls – multiple choice questions, world clouds, open questions, Q&A and more. To make your live stream interactive and much more interesting, simply set up a series of quizzes and...
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