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Frequently Asked Questions about You Gotta See This!


iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G

"You Gotta See This!" uses the gyroscope in the new iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G to determine spacial orientation of the camera which is subsequently used to create the great looking collages. Therefore, an iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G is required.

How do I get my images in maximum resolution?

Please use the "Save to Camera Roll" sharing option. The image you'll find in your camera roll is just a preview, you will get the full resolution after syncing the image with your computer.

Why is there no seamless stitching of the panorama?

Since there are already a number of apps that create stitched panoramas with satisfactory results, we consciously decided to do something unique and interesting. The spatial collages that You Gotta See This! creates are somewhat similar to what you can find on the web when you look for "panography" or "hockneyesque".

Why do parts of my collage look blurry or the colors of each image look different?

If you think the different parts of your collage look blurry or the colors of each image look different, you can lock focus and exposure. Just tap on the gearing wheel symbol (settings) in the capture view and set "Focus & Exposure" to "Locked". Now focus and exposure will be locked at the time you tap the "Start record button".

My collages still look blurry?

Don't move your arm too fast, imagine you'd take a movie shot with the normal camera app. If you move too fast, it will get blurry. Same applies here.

Why is there no metadata or thumbnails for iPhoto?

The iPhone SDK does not allow app developers to use these at the moment, so we can't implement them yet.

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