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No other movie making technique lets you tell your story as esily and quickly as stop motion movies. No need hunting for talented actors, building a stage or even writing a script. A bit of clay or a toy can be the instant star of your animated masterpiece. Both teachers and students benefit from using iStopMotion in the classroom.

Benefits for Students

  • Easy to use - Students learn how to use iStopMotion very fast. A project can be completed in as little as one session.
  • Immediate playback allows students to see their work developing which keeps them motivated and engaged.
  • Working in groups is easy and fun and fosters social skills.
  • Errors can be spotted quickly and fixed easily by using the live preview with the semi transparent onion skinning effect, allowing for playful experimentation without fear of failure.
  • Students can take pride in their work and share their movies with friends, family and other schools.

Benefits for Teachers

  • It’s easier to meet teaching objectives in literacy and STEM when students are engaged and motivated.
  • Easy and uncomplicated setup of the all-in-one iStopMotion for iPad with the built-in camera and screen is a cost effective and low barrier solution for stop motion movie making.
  • iStopMotion and in particular iStopMotion for iPad are designed with education in mind, for example with the support for WebDAV servers to enable easy sharing behind the school firewall without the need for YouTube.

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iStopMotion for Mac

iStopMotion is the award-winning standard for creating stop motion and time lapse movies on your Mac, equally loved by thousands of parents, kids, teachers, brickfilmers, pro animators and everybody with an interest in this fascinating movie making technique.

iStopMotion for iPad

Join many thousands of iStopMotion fans and enjoy the excitement of creating stop motion animations (AKA claymation or stop action movies) and time lapse recordings with the highly-rated iStopMotion on your iPad or iPad mini.

How Others Are Using iStopMotion

  • Labs, LEGOs and Learning

    by easternblot

    Every student knows what it’s like to do science experiments in the lab for the first time. Lots of fun, lots of learning … and of course, lots of inevitable accidents! Youtuber eastern blot used the LEGO Research Institute set, some additional figures and bricks, and iStopMotion to remind us all of a typical day in the school lab.

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  • The Hare on the Hill

    by Alastair Nisbet

    During the Inside Out 2014 festival, an event commemorating artistic work, a large white hare appeared across a remote hillside on the South Dorset Ridgeway in Southern England. The hare, drawn with chalk, became one of the most iconic images of the festival. Photographer Alastair Nisbet loved artist Sarah Butterworth’s idea, and he decided to document the process by using iStopMotion to create a timelapse animation.

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  • Whipping Up a Snow-Muscle-Man with the Animation Chefs

    by Animation Chefs, Animation Chefs

    Our friends the Animation Chefs just put together the laziest ab workout ever - in the form of a sleeping iStopMotion-animated snowman!

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  • Storytelling With iStopMotion in a Million Different Visual Languages

    by Seaneen Watts

    Dinjerra Primary School in Braybrook, Australia, supports the learning needs of diverse students from the local area, and teacher Seaneen Watts uses a special method in her Grade 4, 5 and 6 classrooms: technology. She was interested in using iPad technology for storytelling, and when she found iStopMotion, she thought it would be a fun, engaging app that would allow her students to tell stories through play-based learning, without the barriers of spelling and writing.

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  • LEGO Kidsfest BRICKFILM Workshops 2014

    by Steffen Troeger & Cornelius Koch

    November 2014, Cologne, Germany: LEGO Kidsfest and Fanwelt – 2 Days, 3 iPads, over 130 kids having fun and checking out animation with LEGO bricks. Supported by golego animation, Steffen Troeger & Cornelius Koch.

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  • Working Together to Animate Water

    by Luke Dyer

    Luke Dyer teaches students from all over the globe, and one program in particular has inspired a special connection among his Year 5 students at the British School of Nanjing in China – iStopMotion. To integrate iStopMotion into his Nanjing classroom, Luke decided to take their science inquiry, looking at scientific processes surrounding water, to the next level.

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  • Direct Your Own Film With The Help Of The Director’s Cut

    by The Director's Cut, The Director's Cut

    The Director’s Cut began as an after-school program, and after its vehement success, it launched into the in-class field trip market to help fulfill the media literacy curriculum. The team at the Director’s Cut gives students the opportunity to work collaboratively with others in tons of different workshops, some of the most popular involving iStopMotion.

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  • Animating Kids: Sneeze

    by Animation Chefs

    See the latest installment of the Animation Chef's "Animating Kids" tutorial series, this time explaining how to animate the "Sneeze" realistically. The Animation Chefs work on 100 of these kinds of short animation recipes you can use at home or in the classroom.

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  • Vespiary – A Wasps Nest

    by Achim Breidenbach

    Achim's neigbours found an abandoned vespiary (wasps nest) in their attic in 2013 and let him cut it apart. Achim took a time lapse of the process with iStopMotion and created this video that shows the delicate precision with which wasps build their nests.

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  • The Animation Chefs are Getting Hands-On at the SXSW Playground!

    by The Animation Chefs

    Congratulations and many thanks are in order - the Animation Chefs have been voted into the SXSWedu 2015 program, thanks to fine folks like you! We're so incredibly happy for them and can't wait to see them showing the SXSW crowd how to make the most of an iPad and use animation as a means to learn.

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    by golego animation

    A rather bleak essay about the human condition and its effect on our future. Made for the STEINEREI brickfilm festival by golego animation. Third place by jury vote, second place by audience vote. Also watch the Making of...

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  • iStopMotion Fun with Origami

    by Aaron Brill

    Aaron Brill, a teacher at San Francisco Day School, discovered iStopMotion during the spring of 2013. The school had just integrated iPads into the curriculum, and because they wanted to explore a variety of apps for educational purposes, Aaron decided to try out iStopMotion in his classroom.

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  • AppSmashing with Different Apps and Different Minds

    by Adam Caplan

    St. Clement’s School in Toronto goes MAD over creativity – Music, Art and Drama, that is! Every year, the St. Clement’s Junior School holds a celebration called “A Little MAD Day” where the three subjects become interactive workshops for the students. This year, iStopMotion for iPad was featured as one of the workshop options.

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  • Imagine. Create. iStopMotion

    by Charlie Collier

    If you can imagine it, you can create it with iStopMotion. And now you can also save a lot of money: For a limited time, as part of the Mac App Store’s Explore Your Creativity promotion, iStopMotion for Mac is 60% off and iStopMotion for iPad is 50% off.

    Animation of this trailer by Charlie Collier. Music: "Monkeys Spinning Monkeys" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com), licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0

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  • Putting “Life in Motion” with iStopMotion and an eBook

    by Steven Caldwell

    “The key to my teaching,” Steven Caldwell says, “is the concept of play – learning through narrative play in interdisciplinary domains as a means to generate collaborative communities.”

    It was Steven’s ideas toward using media as an instructional tool that led him to discover iStopMotion in 2012, when he saw a year-three student using it for a project. Steven was asked to participate in the project the following year, so he took it upon himself to create a short iStopMotion portrayal of "Doctor Who," so he could better help his students understand how to use the program.

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  • Stop Motion Animation “By the Book”

    by Richard Campbell

    This year, Richard Campbell learned a new meaning of success when he invested in a bunch of iPad Airs for the students at his private English academy in Busan, South Korea. He found that his students became much more engaged when working with the iPads. Above all, they were truly enjoying what they were learning. To do this, the class began by discussing different parts of the book that would translate well into stop motion. Then, each student created his or her own storyboard. Once the storyboards were complete, the class learned more about operating iStopMotion as an app, as well as filming stop motion animation in general.

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Curriculum Ideas


  • Write a poem and then create a clay animation to explain or enhance it
  • Create a clay animation of a historic event
  • Illustrate vocabulary words, idioms, and more
  • Clay characters eat their lunch at a French Café while conversing in French for French class


  • Create an animation which demonstrates the concept of fractions
  • Use clay animations to demonstrate how to plot coordinates
  • Demonstrate with clay how concepts and equations are solved


  • Show the probability density of an electron in a hydrogen atom
  • Create an animation which demonstrates a plant's growth
  • Record changes in clouds
  • Observe the chemical dissolution of different metals in acids over time


  • Create characters out of clay, paint a background, model landscapes…
  • Promote art at your school by creating advertisements
  • Demonstrate how colors are combined
  • Time Lapse a piece of art as it is being created (e.g. painting, sculpture)

Time Lapse

  • A Day at Clayburn Middle is one of many projects created in Mike Haire's Digital Visual Arts class. 8th-grade student Cooper created it as part of a local video contest. He set up a HD Hero GoPro camera in different locations at the school one day and put the video together using iStopMotion and iMovie in just one day.

More Ideas

  • Watch living cells in time lapse movies
  • Observe ants feeding or tunnelling in an ant farm
  • Observe the growth of plants or germination of seeds
  • Observe how people use public spaces
  • Share your ideas at the Boinx Forum Educators Corner

Resources for Education

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Creating A Stop Motion Story

Learn to create touching stop motion stories on the iPad with this straight forward step-by-step guide to creating a story-driven stop motion movie by Craig Lauridsen. Follow the easy template to improvise original stories. Take command of GarageBand app and record high quality sound on your iPad. Create the animation pictures in iStopMotion. Complete the movie by adding a title and credits in iMovie.


iPad Animation

Craig Lauridsen’s interactive iBook “iPad Animation” is the most comprehensive guide to making stop motion movies on the iPad. Learn how to weave together story, pictures and sound on the iPad with iStopMotion, iMovie and GarageBand. Now available from the iBook Store at the price of US$ 9.99.


The Ani-Mat Guidebook

This iBook by Mark Boylan illustrates the step-by-step process to create twelve amazing clay characters. Progressing from simple to easy and then onto tricky characters children and adults alike can soon craft a model to animate, ideal for the classroom or home. (US$ 9.99)



(no image available)

Educators Corner at the Boinx Forums

Share ideas, post questions, hang out and connect with other educators.



Newtown Movie School

At Newtown Movie School in Wellington, NZ, iPad Animation author Craig Lauridsen provides fully interactive movie making programmes for children, age 9 to 15, who have an interest in creative hands-on movie making –- but just need access to equipment, know-how to get started, coaching and guidance, or want to work with like-minded children.

More Info...

Freshi Learning Online

FLO is interactive learning online, offering fun and innovative digital media programs via easy-to-follow, project-based instructional modules. Whether you’re a teacher wanting to acquire new technology and digital media skills, a home schooling parent seeking extra instruction for technology support or simply an individual passionate about digital media, FLO is for you. Freshi Media is also hosting workshops at schools around the US.

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Helen Animate

Helen Piercy's UK based Helen Animate Workshops are all about inspiring young people through storytelling, character crafting and fimmaking fun. Workshops take place in a variety of settings, including schools, museums, theaters and can be themed on anything imaginable.

More Info...

Let's Animate

Let’s Animate is a mobile creative animation workshop based in the Uk, offering tailored courses to a variety of community groups.

Whether you are seeking an animated children’s birthday party, animated school workshop, teacher training in animation or have an issue in the community that needs to be addressed, "Let’s Animate" helps everyone to animate their own shows:- Your show is about to begin…

More Info...

creativebug.com: How to Make a Stop Motion Video

Learn how to make simple yet sweet stop-motion videos at home with acclaimed photographer, Thayer Gowdy. In this class, Thayer breaks down the basics of stop-motion technology, demystifying how to determine frames per second, storyboard ideas, build successful sets, and troubleshoot problems.

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